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Don't be weirded out by this Lavender Honey Milk Bath. Milk and honey are extremely nourishing to the skin leaving it soft and smooth.

Good Vibes Diffuse Blend

Good Vibes, Bringing Only Good Vibes That is the moto of this Good Vibes Diffuser Blend. The combination of Melaleuca, Lemon, and Lime essential oil makes a beautiful aroma that evoke feelings of love, tranquility, acceptance, happiness, and friendship. The Melaleuca essential helps to ground this blend while Lemon and Lime brighten and sweeten things…


Mojito Diffuser Blend

Although I don’t drink alcohol, just the word “Mojito” makes me think of something sweet, cooling, and refreshing to the senses. This Mojito Diffuser Blend is no different. It is exciting, revitalizing, and intoxicating to the senses. Perfect for those days when you want to escape to a happier, healthier, and invigorating state of mind….