Citrus Bliss essential oil can do it all. It can clean your air, uplift your mood, help with depression and anxiety, and even help your immune system!

Citrus Bliss Essential Oil Uses- Top 10 Ideas

Citrus Bliss essential oil can do it all. It can clean your air, uplift your mood, help with depression and anxiety, and even help your immune system!

Citrus essential oils are well known for their ability to uplift, energize, clean, detox, and smell ahh-mazing. If you are like me and love all things citrus then you will absolutely fall in love with Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend. Citrus Bliss essential oil is a blend of Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, Clementine and Vanilla. It is hands down my favorite essential oil to diffuse and for good reason, it has all of my favorite things packed into one tiny bottle! Check out the top 10 ways to use Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend:

1. Diffuse first thing in the morning to help put you in a positive state of mind. The citrus oils will help put you (and your family) in a good mood and will give you a little motivational push when you need it most.

2. Due to the uplifting properties in citrus essential oils, Citrus Bliss can be used to help with people who suffer with feelings of self doubt and anxiousness. Diffuse or apply on back of neck to help uplift and calm anxious feelings.

3. No need to stress, Citrus Bliss can help! When you find yourself feeling stressed, use Citrus Bliss. You can diffuse it, apply it to the back of your neck, or rub Citrus Bliss Hand Lotion on hands and body.

4. Citrus essential oils are wonderful at killing nasty smelling odors that are lingering in your home. Diffuse to help freshen and clean your air and to get rid of any bad odors. The wonderful thing about essential oils is that they will eliminate the bad odor, not just cover it up. Plus, because they are all-natural, you won’t get any headaches compared to air-fresheners with artificial scents and chemicals.

5. Diffuse when you have company visiting to help keep everyone awake, energized, in a good mood, and ready to socialize. Plus, it makes your home smell delicious. Done!

6. Due to the high amount of linalool found in citrus oils, you can use Citrus Bliss as an effective household cleaner. Use it in your All-Purpose Spray and Glass Cleaner.

7. Citrus Bliss is also great to use on your skin! I love putting it in my Bath Bombs and Lotion Bars. Just be careful if you plan on going out in the sun after you put Citrus Bliss on your skin. Citrus essential oils are photosensitive and can leave a nasty burn on your skin if it is exposed to too much sun. To be safe, avoid any UV rays for 12 hours after application.

8. Put in your laundry to help kill bad odors and replace them with the wonderful scent of Citrus Bliss. I just add 4-5 drops during the rinse cycle and have always had good results.

9. The cleaning properties of citrus essential oils can also help detox your body and help your immune system. While Citrus Bliss is not meant to be an internal oil, you can still use it aromatically and topically to help. This oil does it all!

10. Improve your focus with Citrus Bliss essential oil! It can be incredibly helpful when you are trying to focus and find clarity. For an improved sense of focus, combine two drops of Lavender, two drops of Peppermint, and two drops of Citrus Bliss together. Then, simply apply the blend to your temples and inhale.

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