EO&SUCH Flashcards

Have you all gotten on the EO&SUCH essential oil flashcard bandwagon yet? These flashcards are AMAZING and I couldn’t help but share these with you all. They have been so helpful in my essential oil journey and I truly believe that everyone can benefit from these beauties, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you may be.

I love the modern design and the bright colors used. On the front of each flashcard is the essential oil name and a very brief (and humorous) explanation of the oil. When you flip the card over, it has the top properties and ways to use each oil. It is so so helpful and allows you learn new and unique ways to use your oils.

They not only have a set of flashcards for single oils, but they also have a set of flashcards for emotions. So, if you are feeling sad you find the flashcard that says “sad” on it and on the back with be oil recommendation that can help. I don’t have a set of these yet but they are on my to-buy-soon list!

You can buy your own essential oil flashcard set for $25 at Here are some fun pictures I was able to take of the flashcards. Follow me on Instagram (@dear_lavender) to see more essential oil inspired photos.










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