Ginger essential oil can be used to help with nausea, motion sickness, emotional health, flavoring your favorite dishes, join support and more!

Ginger Essential Oil Uses- Top 10 Ideas

Ginger essential oil can be used to help with nausea, motion sickness, emotional health, flavoring your favorite dishes, join support and more!

Ginger essential oil has so many wonderful uses! It originates from the roots of the ginger plant and is steam distilled into the most delicious and spicy essential oil. It’s main chemical consituents are alpha-zingiberene and sesquiterpenes which contribute to its ability to help digestion/nausea and sooth and balance emotions. Here are the top ten ways I like to use Ginger essential oil:

1. Nausea- Ginger essential oil is great at helping to settle the tummy. When you are feeling a little nauseous, try inhaling the aroma of Ginger and rub on your stomach with Peppermint. You could also take internally by adding a drop to 8-ounces of water and drinking.*

2. Motion Sickness- Do you have a sensitive stomach when it comes to motion and road trips? I feel ya. If you ever find yourself on a road trip and start feeling a little woozy, simply place a drop of Ginger in your hands and inhale.

3. Anti-Inflammatory- Ginger essential oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help those who need extra joint support. Just add a drop to your morning smoothie (or take with a glass of water).*

4. Cooking- Ginger is essential in many Asian dishes. If you are like me and often forget to have fresh ginger on hand, then Ginger essential oil is a great replacement! Just remember that less is more! Start with a toothpick and then go up if needed. My favorite way to cook with Ginger essential oil is actually in desserts! Try this delicious gluten-free Gingerbread recipe or these Dark Chocolate and Ginger Waffles!* #yum

5. Emotional Health- The aroma of Ginger essential oil is spicy, fresh, and cleansing and promotes feelings of encouragement and motivation. It pairs wonderfully with many diffuser blends. Try my favorite: 3 drops Wild Orange, 2 drops Cassia, and 2 drops Ginger. You can also try this delicious Pumpkin Pie Spice diffuser blend!

6. Memory- Have a big test ahead of you? Diffuse Ginger while you’re studying to help improve memory!

7. Morning Sickness- Ok preggo mommas, this one’s for you. Morning sickness is horrible. Make your pregnancy go a little smoother with Ginger essential oil. Ginger is a wonderful anti-nausea oil that has the ability to help settle your stomach. Just add a couple drops to the palms of your hands and smell. You can also diffuse it, take internally, and apply on wrists for help.*

8. Digestion- Along with it’s anti-nausea properties, Ginger essential oil is also great with digestion. If your digestion system is acting to quickly (or too slowly) just take 1-2 drops internally and rub on your stomach.*

9. Indigestion- Reduce bloating and gas with Ginger essential oil! Just put 2-3 drops of Ginger in a veggie capsule and take with water. Great before heading the the gym, going to the pool, or on a date.*

10. Warming- Due to Ginger’s warming properties, it is great to use in a warming massage! Just dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil during your next massage for added warmth and emotional support.

Fun Fact: The scientific name for ginger, “Zingiber,” is derived from the Greek zingiberis, which comes from the Sanskrit sringabera, meaning “horn shaped.”

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