Homemade Rollerball for Anxiousness


A few weeks ago I mentioned in my post about Balance essential oil that I struggle with anxious feelings. It’s genetic in our family and every person in my family struggles with some form and extremity of anxious feelings/feelings of self doubt. Unfortunately, I am one of the kids who was lucky enough to land the “bad” anxious gene. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember and, when I’m not medicated, it can control and completely ruin my quality of life.

The only way I knew how to explain to my family and husband how I felt when I had anxious attacks was that it felt like I was having a heart attack. My whole body, especially my chest, would hurt so much because I was so tense. Plus, I would get extremely nauseous. I have ran to bathrooms many times to throw up, never to have anything happen. Depending on the situation, I would typically start to hyperventilate, sweat, and just want to run away, hide in my house, and never see anyone or do anything again. And you know what, sometimes my anxiousness got the best of me. My anxious feelings controlled me and I felt like there was no hope. Thankfully, this was all around the same time I was introduced to essential oils. #enterlifechanger

While I am on medication for my anxiousness, I still get bouts of anxious feelings every once in a while. I don’t miss that feeling. However, I have learned some great coping mechanisms and essential oil blends that help me be able to live a full life.

The specific essential oil blend that I use for my anxiouness was suggested to me by Dr. Hill when I worked at doTERRA. That man is just incredible. It was equal parts Balance Grounding Blend and Wild Orange essential oil. That was it! How simple. Just add it to a roller-ball, top with Fractionated Coconut, and you have a liquid mend for anxiousness everywhere you go. Whenever I get anxious, I rub this over my heart, chest, back of neck, and wrists. The aroma quickly helps to calm my emotions and anxious feelings. I just focus on my breathing and the essential oils and that almost always does the trick. Plus, it smells like a super high-end perfume which I LOVE.

While I will NEVER EVER recommend going off of medications and replacing them with essential oils, essential oils can be beautifully used in conjunction with medications.


20 drops Balance Grounding Blend
20 drops Wild Orange
Fractionated Coconut Oil



1. In am empty, clean rollerball (I got these at AromaTools), add 20 drops Balance and Wild Orange.


2. Top with Fractionated Coconut oil until it reaches the top. Make sure to leave enough space so the rollerball can fit without spilling any of the mixture.


3. Place the rollerball on top and tightly secure. Shake to combine everything. To use, rub over heart, chest, back of neck, and wrists when you feel anxious.

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