Safely Using Essential Oils on Kids, Children, and Babies

Safely Using Essential Oils on Kids, Children, and Babies

Using essential oils on kids doesn’t have to be tricky business. With just a few simple safety guidelines, using essential oils on kids can greatly benefit everyone in the family. I recently visited my sister and her newborn son in San Antonio and used essential oils on her family and around the home every day. My sister has three sons (7 years, 5 years, and 1 month old) and each have their different needs ranging from muscle tension to an upset stomach. When using essential oils on children, the most important thing to remember is to dilute and use in small amounts. The doTERRA Touch Kit is perfect for this reason! Each oil in this kit is pre-diluted for sensitive skin and put in a roller bottle for easy convenience. If you don’t have a Touch Kit (get one!) then you can just put a dime-sized amount of Fractionated Coconut Oil in the palm of your hand and add 1 drop of essential oil. This way you can use essential oils on those with sensitive skin without any irritation. Plus, it moisturizes and slows down the evaporation and absorbed of the oils. It’s a win/win!

Here are some of the essential oils I used while I was visiting:

Deep Blue Rub

  • I used this on my shoulders after having a rough night’s sleep. It is amazing how it instantly cools and releases tension. Plus, it smells amazing!
  • My seven-year-old nephew recently broke his arm and accidentally fell onto his cast bruising his back (poor kid). He was complaining about his back hurting and so I rubbed some Deep Blue Rub on his back. At first he didn’t like it because it burned (I probably should have diluted it even more) but eventually said that his back felt better after the initial “burn” wore off. After the first application, he kept asking for more.

Deep Blue Touch:

  • I love using Deep Blue Touch on my temples and neck to help wake up my senses and give me an energy boost. It works great!


  • My newborn nephew is such an awesome baby, but he fights falling asleep. I liked to rub Lavender Touch on the bottom of his feet before nap time to help give him that extra push to fall asleep.
  • Along with rubbing Lavender on his feet, I also put 2 drops in a diffuser to help promote better rest.

Peppermint Touch:

  • I had my thyroid removed a few years ago and have since struggled with low-energy and brain-fog. Peppermint essential oil is a must have in my life as it instantly helps to clear my fog and gives me an energy boost to finish whatever task I am working on. If you really want a pick me up, rub Deep Blue Rub on your neck and shoulders and Peppermint Touch on your temples. Peppermint + Deep Blue Rub = happy day. You can thank me later. 🙂
  • My poor nephew has a sensitive belly and Peppermint helped to sooth any discomfort.


  • When in Texas, one must eat a delicious and spicy authentic Mexican meal. #amiright Unfortunately, spicy doesn’t settle with my stomach too well which is where DigestZen comes in handy! I just rubbed DigestZen on my tummy for instant relief.


  • With a newborn, anything you can do to increase your quality of sleep (when you can sleep) is very much appreciated. I liked to rub Breathe on my chest to help open my airways allowing for better rest.

On Guard Touch:

  • Rubbed on all of my nephews feet before bedtime to help support a healthy immune system.

On Guard Oil:

  • On Guard is every family’s best friend! Especially one with a newborn. We made sure to always be diffusing On Guard t help the family stay healthy.

On Guard+ Softgels:

  • If you follow me on Instagram (@dear_lavender) you will notice that I have a slight obsession with the On Guard+ Softgels. I try to do everything I can to avoid feeling under the weather which is why I take 1-2 pills a day (during seasonal and environmental threats) to help prevent any difficult times.

Wild Orange:

  • I made the most delicious Wild Orange breakfast scones from the doterra blog for breakfast one morning. They were AMAZING and the whole family loved them.

Go make the Tangerine Cranberry Scones on right NOW! These are the most delicious scones you will ever have (honestly because they taste more like a donut than a dry scone ). I didn't have Tangerine oil on hand so I substituted Wild Orange oil instead. Worked great!


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